Melissa Sawatsky

Melissa lives close to the railway in Smithers and loves how the trains rock her to sleep at night. She writes stories that are true, edits stories that aren’t, and tells border guards she makes her living as a poet.

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🔍Read Full ArticleThe World’s Largest Fly Rod:  A true community art project

The World’s Largest Fly Rod:  A true community art project

🕔Aug 01, 2013

In the 1980s, tourism promoters in British Columbia encouraged cities and towns to develop a roadside attraction or landmark that would draw visitors.

🔍Read Full ArticleSimbiyez Wilson

Simbiyez Wilson

🕔Sep 11, 2017

Her name means “child of the stars.” And Witsuwit’en singer-songwriter Simbiyez Wilson seems to be living up to the name.

🔍Read Full ArticleReinventing the Central Park Building

Reinventing the Central Park Building

🕔Apr 01, 2013

I sit in the office of the Bulkley Valley Museum on the main floor of the Central Park Building and gaze down Smithers’ Main Street. Alpine Al continuously blows his alpenhorn as Hudson Bay Mountain rises behind him to meet the clear sky.

🔍Read Full ArticleMichelle Stoney

Michelle Stoney

🕔Feb 27, 2017

The future of First Nations art

🔍Read Full ArticleIn Utero

In Utero

🕔Feb 17, 2018

Melissa Sawatsky's devastingly honest personal essay

🔍Read Full ArticleCreative Connections

Creative Connections

🕔May 01, 2017

From Prince George to Prince Rupert, creative folks join forces to enhance their respective cultures, and northern BC culture as a whole. Collaboration at its best in three northern communities.