Fireweed syrup for icecream

Fireweed syrup for icecream

👤Morgan Hite 🕔Mar 30, 2013

Fireweed syrup

For a detailed description of how to harvest fireweed flowers and make this syrup go to the Fireweed Syrup article by Morgan Hite in Northword’s August 2011 edition.

Combine in a saucepan:

  7.5 cups fireweed blossoms

  5 cups water

Heat gently until the colour comes out of the flowers and into the water. Let it come to a gentle simmer, and the water should turn a deep red. Strain out the blossoms (which are white and spidery now), and keep the water.

In another small saucepan, combine

  1.5 cups sugar

  1 cup water

Heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Mix with the fireweed-infused water, and add:

  3 tbsp lemon juice

The resulting mix should be a deep red colour. Simmer this liquid until reduced by half. Pour into canning jars and seal. Serve over vanilla ice cream.