🔍Read Full ArticleA warm hug from an old friend

A warm hug from an old friend

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Jan 06, 2014

There’s something about an old sweater.

🔍Read Full ArticleOh, yes we did! (And, we do)

Oh, yes we did! (And, we do)

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Nov 27, 2013

I was sure, in the days leading up to our wedding, that we must be crazy.

🔍Read Full ArticleWabi-sabi: The beauty in the bulge

Wabi-sabi: The beauty in the bulge

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Nov 25, 2013

Straw bale houses aren’t for folks who like straight lines and clean edges.

🔍Read Full ArticleAvoiding the plaster disaster

Avoiding the plaster disaster

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Nov 25, 2013

It’s been said many times that homebuilding is the highway to divorce.

🔍Read Full ArticleThe community building

The community building

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Jun 07, 2013

Wow, has it really been almost four months? Since The Last Peg, we’ve been busy building walls. Often up to our elbows in mud. Sneaking off for the odd bike ride with the dogs. And, pretty much all the time, marvelling at the amazing community we call home.

🔍Read Full ArticleThe Last Peg

The Last Peg

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Feb 28, 2013

We’re always looking to cross a threshold: the last concrete pour; the last piece of roofing; the last timber. The milestone. The carrot.

🔍Read Full ArticleThe other woman

The other woman

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Nov 07, 2012

“You should write a blog about the timbers,” Nick suggested excitedly some months ago.

🔍Read Full ArticleHouse building 101: Keep laughing

House building 101: Keep laughing

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Oct 28, 2012

The snow has begun to fall as the roof goes on; things are slowly moving forward. But I would like, for a moment, to look backward: to tell you about my garage and the person who taught me the greatest thing I needed to know about home building.

🔍Read Full ArticleBefore snowfall

Before snowfall

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Oct 09, 2012

It’s the mantra of rural living: Before snowfall, before snowfall…

🔍Read Full ArticleFoundations. What’s to say?

Foundations. What’s to say?

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Aug 15, 2012

Yes, it’s been a while since the last update. I’d like to say that it’s because we’ve been working so hard on the house, and that would be partly true. But, in all honesty, we also spent two weeks basking in the Ontario sunshine and another week travelling some of the most beautiful roads in Western Canada to attend a friend’s wedding in Fernie.

🔍Read Full ArticleHouses, armies and racehorses

Houses, armies and racehorses

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Jun 11, 2012

When building a straw bale home, there’s one key ingredient: straw. That’s why, as the weeks ticked along, by mid-May I began to worry that we hadn’t lined up — hadn’t even begun to look into — the bales for our straw walls.

🔍Read Full ArticleSolid Ground

Solid Ground

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔May 15, 2012

My friend Robert suggested the name “Solid Ground” for this blog. While I’d already chosen Straw Bale Tales, it seemed like a fitting title for a post about foundations.

🔍Read Full ArticleThe First Straw

The First Straw

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood 🕔Apr 11, 2012

A couple months ago, in a coffee shop in northern B.C., my husband-to-be and I sat and wavered. We were in the final design stage of our home—the sexy stage; the fun stage. Not in the up-to-our-elbows-in-mud phase. Not yet.