April - May 2014

Spring is bustin' out all over! Finally. Photo by Dan Moore. To see more of Dan's work, go to www.mortussee.jalbum.net

In This Issue

Seymour Ridge Trails

This is a wonderful set of trails that melt out early.

👤Morgan Hite

Northern recycling: How new programs are leveling the field

Like many who move to the North, I wanted to live closer to the land.

👤Amanda Follett

Building a home for bluebirds to roam

My fascination with bluebirds began in spring 1977.

👤John Franken

Energy alternatives: How three innovative communities are re-thinking energy

With much recent talk about oil, gas, pipelines and dams in northern BC, it’s possible to completely miss the North’s unique energy potentials.

👤Greg Horne

Untangling the pipeline debate:What does LNG mean for BC?

Proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects would run pipelines clear across the North.

👤Amanda Follett

The Search for Local Cheese Culture

Mmm… smooth, creamy, stinky cheese.

👤Emily Bulmer

Watching for wildlife: Animal encounters in northern BC

I remember distinctly the first time I saw a wolf outside a wildlife enclosure.

👤Matt J Simmons

Summit Lake sojourners: Stories of early settlement

The community of Summit Lake has a long and chequered history.

👤Hilary Crowley

Holding Our Breath: Airshed Management Society works on the particulate problem

Feb. 6, 4 p.m. Smithers: -16 C, clear, with the slightest breath of wind at 0.5 metre/second from the northwest. PM2.5 is 34 micrograms per cubic metre.

👤Morgan Hite

What Colour is Happiness?

Driving home from work I travel the back road; it’s long and straight with fallow fields fringed with forest on either side.

👤Joanne Campbell

A Big Little Book

Ken Belford’s Internodes (Talonbooks, 2013) is about 13 by 20 cm and light enough to mail cheaply across the continent.

👤Rob Budde