Art: Disturbances in the Field

🕔Mar 09, 2018

Pre-reviewing an art exhibit is tricky. How do you convince someone to give themselves up to a challenging experience, without being able to describe that experience? Let me try—and maybe you’ll give it a try, too.

This May, Disturbances in the Field comes to Prince George, featuring works by Annerose Georgeson, Bill Horne, Andrew Maize, Jennifer Annaïs Pighin, Perry Rath, and RR7@Crysdale Crossing Collective (Karen Kellett, Judyta Frodyma, Joanna Smythe). Together, these artists will present a variety of works that challenge the ways in which we relate to the land.

What does that mean, in terms of what you’ll see? Here’s an example: “a video of a dead eagle lying in a field that is in a seasonal transition from winter to spring. The projection is shone through a glass greenhouse, filtering light through the architectural model like a prism. As the light disperses, the work fractures the way nature is viewed through particular lenses.”

And that’s just one part of an exhibition guaranteed to make you think about land in a different way. A glimpse of the rest: hay transformed into script, strange sculptures destined to disintegrate, and a sort of performance, process-based piece following one artist across the country. Find out more at

— Matt J. Simmons