Art: Transitions

🕔Mar 09, 2018

A walk through the Smithers Art Gallery finds photos that feel like paintings and paintings that feel like brushed metal. Water is a mutual theme, as is abstraction of the natural world.

Transitions is a surprising joint show ending March 4. Photographer Kristin Charleton and painter Sarah Northcott teamed up to present new works, which may be many visitors’ first exposure to their art. It’s well worth your time to see the show and watch for more to come from both. You can find Northcott at and Charleton at

The pieces have a fresh modern feel, full of colour—a welcome contrast to a monotone winter’s day. The real surprise is how well the two artists present a pleasing, uniform show, despite their diverse approaches. Transitions is an unexpected warm breath of air on a cold winter’s morning, a hint of the spring to come.

— Mark Tworow