Betwixt and Between

👤Charlynn Toews 🕔Mar 27, 2015

You know all about our spring and fall equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices. Between the quarters, we have “cross quarters” and the next one is May 5.

We are betwixt and between the spring equinox of March 20 and the summer solstice of June 21, so we are in an intermediate position, neither wholly one thing nor another.  

Like logging takes a break during spring break-up due to mushy roads, the oil industry also pauses during this between time. Trinidad Drilling’s website explains that in April and May the frost comes out of the ground, so the roads are too soft to move heavy rigs around: “A winter with little snow and warm temperatures could mean a shorter break in the spring. A winter with cold temperatures and a lot of precipitation could mean a longer break-up because frost is deep in the ground.”

We don’t know how long this intermission will last; it could be short or long, so relax. It’s too late to shovel (spring sprinkles will likely just melt or get rained away) and too early to mow (let the blue-eyed grass jump up unmolested and live its short, early-April life in peace.)

Peace Country dwellers know how to enjoy this season—grab a horse or a dance partner and whoop it up! In Dawson Creek, the 2015 Spring Break Up Pro Rodeo & Dance will be held April 24 and 25.

I loved being a student and can see why some people linger. Just when you’re sick of endless final papers and final exams, it’s time to get a job. I certainly enjoyed the after-exams, before-summer-job days of my youth. For those delicious days or weeks between school and work, there was freedom in that lovely limbo.

I saw an ad for Canfor: a summer student to be hired as a production worker in Houston. (Deadline to apply, April 2.) Full-time temporary labourer—sweet! I hope some students from Northwest Community College (university credit exams April 22 to 25) ignored their studies long enough to apply. Or the Prince George UNBC students, who will enjoy the last day of classes Friday, April 17 and the last day of exams Thursday, April 30.

Some things end and some things begin around this Quarter Day.

Starting on April 1, grocery stores throughout the province will be allowed to sell liquor through a store-within-a-store model. That same day, restrictions will be lifted on BC Liquor Stores, allowing them to offer refrigeration and to stay open longer hours, including Sundays. Will this be the beginning of the end for some public liquor store employees as the competition heats up, or more hours available for new staff? Will this be the start of a successful new business for some enterprising entrepreneur out there?

At Hudson Bay Mountain, Smithers’ ski hill hosts Schnai Dai. The final party of the season goes down the weekend of April 11-12. With events like the Slush Cup and Dummy Downhill, April 12 will be a fabulous last day of skiing. May 2, the first Saturday in May, is opening day for the Skeena Valley Farmers Market in Terrace. Minerals North 2015 is scheduled for May 27-29 in McKenzie, with the official opening at 8:30 a.m. on the 27th. Hey, don’t sleep in—it’s starting!