Books: Eden Robinson

🕔Mar 09, 2018

In her latest book, Eden Robinson weaves together the trials of a Kitimat teenager with the spirit world of the north coast, injected with her lively humour and keen observations. In traditional stories, We’giit is portrayed as a flawed, but relatable mythic being with flexible morals, extraordinary resourcefulness and an amazing knack for survival. Jared has inherited these traits with a vengeance and, as he scrambles to pay his parents’ bills, stay in school, and avoid his mom’s boyfriends, he finds out that his troubles are not limited to the mortal world.

The supernatural action takes some time to build, but along the way Robinson carries you on a finely crafted journey through the seasons and settings of northwest BC. She makes you feel the wind off the Douglas Channel and hear the cheers in Prince Rupert at the All Native Basketball Tournament. To a lifelong northerner, this book feels like home.

I devoured it like a possessed river otter and eagerly await the sequel for more existential fireflies and station wagon driving monsters.

— Emily Bulmer