Film: Eyes of Society

🕔Mar 09, 2018

Just as short stories can contain a depth of feeling and a wealth of knowledge, short films can stir emotional response and provoke curiosity.

Eyes of Society sees filmmakers Allison Smith and Joseph Crawford ( follow artists W. David Ward, Andrew Sookrah, Anja Karisik, Gary Landon, Sophie Lavoie and April White (Sgaana Jaad) on a 14-day kayak trip to the ancient Haida village of SGang Gwaay in Gwaii Hanaas National Park.

You might expect a seven-minute film covering a 14-day trip to feel rushed. This short documentary is anything but. Its languid pace perfectly reflects the scenes shot: underwater kelp beds in ethereal light, the verdant village site, glassy water punctuated by kayakers.

We hear the artists share their perspectives on the role of art in contemporary culture and throughout history, on life and landscape. We see nature, people, and of course art—and maybe we see these things overlap. Best of all, we feel the slowness and for seven minutes we forget time entirely. And it feels great.

— Matt J. Simmons