Music: LCD Soundsystem

🕔Mar 09, 2018

Some of the best music comes from dark places. Take Nick Cave or the late Leonard Cohen. Both musicians are best known for conveying a mood of melancholia through their songwriting. And of course there’s the blues: an entire genre of music dedicated to hardship and sorrow. But dance music? Shouldn’t dance music be happy? Yes and no.

New York’s LCD Soundsystem, fronted by James Murphy, has consistently eschewed expectations throughout their 15-year career, both musically and lyrically. This is music that is perfect for the dance floor and still introspective enough to make you want to pay attention to the lyrics.

Their latest album—scheduled for release this fall—taps into the turmoil of the world today and paints a bleak future. “I promise you this: you’re getting older…The future’s a nightmare. And there’s nothing I can do, nothing anyone can do about this.”

And yet, its soaring melodies and infectious rhythms urge you out of your seat and onto your feet. If the future is indeed bleak, maybe dancing can offer a temporary respite.

Murphy said it himself: “You’ve got to dance yourself clean.”

— Matt J. Simmons