Music: Suuns

🕔Mar 09, 2018

Montréal outfit, Suuns (pronounced “soons”) have been fusing genres for just over a decade now. Clearly influenced by their surroundings, Suuns’ music reflects the free and expressive contemporary art and music scene in the Québec city. Neither traditional rockers nor a strictly electronic act, their sound is characterized by a careful blend of programmed material (think synthesizers, drum machines, samples, etc.) and live instrumentation. This kind of synthesis between “traditional” instruments and electronics may not be all that uncommon these days, but Suuns breathes new life into the mix.

They’ve also breathed some life into their career with Felt. The new record comes across more joyful than 2016’s Hold/Still. At times, Felt sounds like the band is just blasting out a tune live. Less polished, in a good way.

Guitarist and singer Ben Shemie brings his vocals to the fore in a way he hasn’t done before, and it’s a refreshing departure from his moody background crooning of the past.

But don’t expect easy listening throughout. Felt isn’t without noise, drone, and futuristic rhythms. The whole thing is steeped in a healthy dose of artsy weirdness.

— Matt J. Simmons