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🔍Read Full ArticleMuskrat Season

Muskrat Season

👤Rob Sturney 🕔May 29, 2013

I was standing on a footbridge over a small creek that runs parallel to the railroad tracks

🔍Read Full ArticleHope is a meatball sub

Hope is a meatball sub

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Mar 29, 2013

In the end, the sandwich shop came to Hazelton in January, which is the optimal month for a small town to gain something new, since post-Christmas winter only takes, denies and negates. If anyone or any place needs bolstering, it should happen in the latter half of winter.

🔍Read Full ArticleAn Arsenal of Shovels

An Arsenal of Shovels

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Dec 01, 2012

It was that singular time of the year. The kids still had two weeks of freedom left before they returned to pencils and books, a noticeable number of leaves had turned yellow, Halloween candy appeared in the stores, and it became prudent to bring a thin jacket when you went out in the morning...


The other side of Canada

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Oct 01, 2012

People who know me are familiar with my romping tales of adventure and misadventure accumulated during numerous meanders across Asia.


The Steel Road

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Aug 01, 2012

Three winters ago, I lived on Anarchist Mountain in Osoyoos. It was an odd, idle time for a Northwester, since snow was only on the ground for a month and the season didn’t linger past the end of January.


Surviving soggy summers

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Jun 01, 2012

It was July 15 of last year when I finally switched on the heat after two-and-a-half months of keeping it off.


The Big Sleazy

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Apr 01, 2012

Las Vegas has long been known as Sin City, but its most effective advertisement for itself is “What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas.”


The disappearing Shamrock Shake

👤Rob Sturney 🕔Feb 01, 2012

I tend to overstate my Irishness. I’m a gumbo of heritages, like most of you, but I contend that whatever Mick is in me bubbles to the top.