April - May 2016

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Sunny Slopes and Garden Growth:  Approaching your crops from a new angle

On a moderate, southwest-facing slope near Terrace, the remnants of a 100-year-old orchard grow as ragged witness to the agricultural era in the lower Skeena Valley.

👤Norma Kerby

Postcard Parks:  Exploring & camping in northern BC

The days are getting longer. The warmth of the sun is starting to break through the wall of winter. What will you do with the extra hours of light, the warmth, that sense of the world opening itself up to possibility?

👤Matt J Simmons

Singing, Winging Signs of Spring:  How casual bird watchers are contributing to scientific knowledge

As the snow melts and reveals muddy pathways, neglected dog deposits and last fall’s unfinished yard work, many people just want to get the heck out of town.

👤Emily Bulmer

“It’s All About the Caribou”  How the Gwaii Haanas Agreement inspired a national park

John “Muffa” Kudlak was born and raised in Paulatuk, NWT, a hamlet of just over 300 residents and one of the most northerly permanent settlements on the Canadian mainland.

👤Dave Quinn

The Dirt on Composting Outhouses

Every rural dwelling should have an outhouse.

👤Christoph Dietzfelbinger

Orchestra North:  summer music program is serious fun

The audience hushes as the conductor and co-director stride down the aisle. At the front of the room, the orchestra members fall quiet.

👤Paul Glover

Suskwa Crossing:  A bridge made of telegraph wire

If you go down to the Suskwa River where it passes through a tight canyon some four and a half kilometres above its confluence with the Bulkley, you will discover the remains of a very old bridge, an airy span built from nothing but telegraph wire and wood.

👤Morgan Hite

Dragonfly nymph: an insect imitation sure to snag still-water trout

There are three common species of dragonfly nymphs found in BC lakes: the “climbers” or darners, which have long and tapered bodies; the “sprawlers,” who are short and squat in shape; and the “burrowers,” or Gomphus nymphs, which are so similar in size and shape to the sprawlers that a fly tier uses the same pattern to imitate them.

👤Brian Smith

Campfire Sites of Decolonization

A central moment in the history and future of this region is playing out at the junction of the Moberly and Peace rivers, where Treaty 8 land stewards are camped in the path of clear-cutting in preparation for the planned construction of Site C dam.

👤Rob Budde

Pick Your Plan: A, B, or C?

The saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

👤Joanne Campbell

April 2016 Cartoon

When Rick and Dave return from an expensive winter in Florida, they decide to save some cash by going camping.

👤Hans Saefkow