June-July 2015

In This Issue

Moonlight Mountain:  A place for telling seasons

The alpine ridge that I was introduced to as “Moonlight Mountain” is a spur of the larger Kispiox Mountain, an arm flung out first north and then northwest to enclose the headwaters of one of the tributaries of Moonlit Creek.

👤Morgan Hite

Wolverine Range:  Unexplored terrain, unparalleled views and untamed canines

Last August, a helicopter picked up nine hikers, mostly seniors and all members of the Prince George Caledonia Ramblers, from Germansen Landing, 219 km north of Fort St. James.

👤Hilary Crowley

Up to Code:  Could new regulations lead to building revolution?

As I walk through the entrance to Vicki and Ken Alton’s new home it’s hard to tell it apart from any other.

👤Dan Mesec

Pistol butts and drunken trees:  What plants can tell you about your land

A piece of property is like a good novel: full of opportunities and mysteries about its past.

👤Norma Kerby

Hope for the Nechako Sturgeon

When fisheries biologist Cory Williamson tickles the water to simulate feeding, a two-metre dinosaur ghosts out of the shadows and glides across the brood-tank floor.

👤Tom Walker

Medicinal flower power:  More than just a pretty face

Flowers are widely viewed as something decorative to put in the front yard or to help improve pollination for squash by attracting bees.

👤Emily Bulmer

Kakwa by Horse:  Region offers Banff’s beauty without the multitudes

Squish, slop, squelch. Blech. Three of us and our six horses were traversing a former mining road into Kakwa Provincial Park for a two-week horse pack trip.

👤Tania Millen

On the Fly: Still-water caddis, anyone?

I think the ultimate challenge and satisfaction for a still-water or lake fly fisher is to bring a large trout to the surface and to capture it with a floating fly.

👤Brian Smith

Measure Twice: Silent but deadly: new building code requirements aim to lower radon exposure

Radon gas is the vehicle that allows radioactivity to enter your home.

👤Terry Fulljames

The three Rs of pest control

Pest: “A destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.” Also, “An annoying person or thing; a nuisance.”

👤Joanne Campbell

Ground-Truthing the storied land: Derrick Stacey Denholm on the north coast

Derrick Stacey Denholm’s recent publication Ground-Truthing: Reimagining the Indigenous Rainforests of BC’s North Coast

👤Rob Budde