Winter 2016-17

Picking up the perfect tree, Haida Gwaii. Photo by Talon Gillis.

In This Issue

On the Fly

Bulkley River steelhead: Hoping for that one-in-a-thousand cast

👤Brian Smith

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Staying warm with live music

👤Matt J. Simmons

Digby Disturbed

Tiny communities off BC’s northwest coast standing up to LNG threat

👤Frances Riley

Oh, Christmas Tree!

The annual hunt for that elusive conifer

👤Emily Bulmer

When One Store Closes…

Communities pull together in the face of supermarket losses

👤Amanda Follett Hosgood

Gimme Shelter

Making your property a winter haven for moose

👤Norma Kerby

True Coldness

It is being on the edge of everything; being in the North, experiencing true coldness, even fleetingly from the deck of a cozy home in a warming climate.

👤Josephine Boxwell

Equity Ice Falls

A short hike to an impressive display of winter’s majesty

👤Jonathan Van Barneveld

The Long John

Wearing long johns is like giving your legs a hug.

👤Matt J. Simmons

A Slick Reckoning of Land and Page

Ken Belford is different. Only poetry could express the kind of difference the Prince George resident embodies and frame the different lan(d)guage he writes.

👤Rob Budde