Jill Wigmore

Gillian Wigmore grew up in Vanderhoof and lives in Prince George. Her published work includes home when it moves you (Creekstone Press) and soft geography (Caitlin Press)—recently nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. She and her family spend as much time as they can on or in the water.

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 Thrill of the hill

Past present:
 Thrill of the hill

🕔Feb 01, 2012

I realized it was a mistake as soon as I looked down: the slope transformed suddenly into a vertical field of moguls. I slid a glance at my daughter standing next to me, and her brave face and wobbly stance nearly did me in. She was on downhill skis for the first time in her nine years on the planet. I had made a mistake—many mistakes, in fact—and the bumps in front of us were just one.

🔍Read Full ArticleDirt Of Ages

Dirt Of Ages

🕔Mar 08, 2013

In Dirt of Ages, everything meets in "the perfect v" of the valley: where rivers meet in an "exchange between sky and water," where rural runs into urban,"where art and work meet,""the rush and rattle," where fog and smog converge as "foetid fall inversions," and where "two chafe so close together."