About Us

🕔Mar 29, 2013

Northword Magazine is dedicated to the vast region of northern BC. We love it here and as the only independent publication serving the entire region, we feel it’s our responsibility to share the stories of what it’s like to live in the north: the culture, the people, the issues, the lifestyle, the landscapes. We inspire readers to connect more closely with the region, through writing and photography that is both unique and exceptional. It’s our goal to balance journalism that covers important topics—always presenting a well-rounded discussion—with stories that celebrate northern life and lifestyle. Our readers eagerly anticipate each issue and our advertisers always get great exposure to a diverse group.


Northword is distributed bimonthly across northern BC, from Prince George in the south up to the Yukon border, and from Haida Gwaii in the west out to Jasper in the east. Each issue is distributed widely in the towns, cities, and communities of our region, available free to readers at restaurants, pubs, colleges, universities, libraries, book stores, hotels, info centres, and more. We also have a growing subscription list of readers who live outside the region. This wide distribution lets us reach both locals and tourists, and ensures that Northword is a part of the culture of the north, wherever you may find yourself. We print six issues every year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept/Oct, and Nov/Dec.


Our publication reaches readers of all ages and walks of life. Instead of targeting an age group, we prefer to think in terms of lifestyle. We make sure our magazine engages everyone from a retired professor to a young student, a carpenter to a wildlife biologist. The topics we choose to cover reflect life in the north, and that includes everyone who lives here. Northword readers support local economy, community initiatives, and lead active, interesting lifestyles.


Mailing address: 1412 Freeland Ave., Smithers, BC V0J 2N4

Telephone: 250-847-4600

Publisher/Editor-in-chief: matt@northword.ca