Sarah Artis

Say something interesting and Sarah Artis will eat your brain; her favourite thing to do is ask a million and two questions. Day to day, Sarah runs Sarah & Company Communications in Terrace. You will also see her lugging two scruffy children around town, or on a nearby mountain trail, lecturing them about gratitude, the healing powers of nature. Find her at

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🔍Read Full ArticleThe Good Life

The Good Life

🕔Sep 10, 2018

The green of lettuce, the yellow of fresh egg yolks, and the red of the soil after processing livestock. Life in the North has long been about self-sufficiency and today young families continue to choose a lifestyle where everything that ends up on the dinner table comes from just out the back door. Sarah Artis dabbles and joins a pair of families trading the 9 to 5 for something a bit more hands on.

🔍Read Full ArticleOui, je parle francais

Oui, je parle francais

🕔May 01, 2017

Is this the end of French Immersion as we know it?