Sheila Peters

Sheila Peters is a writer and publisher (Creekstone Press has published poetry by Gillian Wigmore and Fabienne Calvert Filteau) living in Driftwood Canyon near Smithers. Her most recent book is Shafted: A Mystery.

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🔍Read Full ArticleStone women:  The water girls

Stone women:  The water girls

🕔Nov 26, 2014

what is it with us water girls always looking for the current in the current, the secret in the water that is the water…

🔍Read Full ArticleStill Growing

Still Growing

🕔May 01, 2017

Sustaining northern agriculture


Another kind of dream (Comment/Op-ed)

🕔Nov 25, 2013

I live beside a gravel road. You cross a small bridge into the heart of Driftwood Canyon and, for a couple of kilometres, the hydro poles have been rerouted out of sight.