BVSAR fundraising

🕔May 28, 2007

The Bulkley Valley’s search and rescue volunteers regularly scour dense forest, probe eddies in raging rivers and traverse dangerous avalanche slopes in the hope of saving human lives. They also make mountains of sandwiches and brew gallons of coffee to keep searchers going. But they are now faced with an equally daunting challenge: raising $80,000 for the purchase of a first-response vehicle.

“A first-response vehicle is the heart and soul of a search and rescue operation,” says BV SAR president Randy Dykstra. “If we have all our equipment, maps, and communications gear in one place, ready to go in a split second, it saves precious time when someone is missing or in danger.”

Currently, volunteers use their own vehicles, loading and unloading the necessary equipment each time. The goal is to purchase a 4X4 diesel crew-cab with winch, lights, radio, satellite phone and a FIST unit (communications/tracking technology).

The bigger goal is to also raise $150,000 for a vehicle bay to house the new truck and the existing mobile command center (a large panel truck that serves as office and meeting space for major operations).

To make a donation, or to lend some expertise in applying for gaming grants, please contact Randy Dykstra at 846-9221.