BC’s official mammal

🕔Jun 07, 2006

As of April, the Kermode bear is BC’s official mammal. The legislated decision was met with huge enthusiasm by those in the Northwest because of widely held hopes that the Kermodes’ new recognition and increased publicity will help attract eco-tourists to the land of Moksgm’ol, the “white black bear”.

“The Spirit bear is a magnificent symbol for our province, embodying the unique character of BC’s natural environment and the rich culture and heritage of our aboriginal people,” commented Premier Gordon Campbell. Roger Harris, former MLA for Skeena and an active part of a group trying to get the Kermode named mascot for the 2010 Olympics, agrees and feels optimistic.

“It’s exciting…our goal is to get people across the province to embrace the bear and with the publicity its getting, it will be near impossible for them not to choose it.”

When asked about the title “Spirit bear,” Harris echoes sentiments of many in the region. “Spirit bear is not my choice of name. It’s Moksgm’ol, or Kermode.” The tag doesn’t upset him though; the province’s recognition of Kermode is purely positive. We just need to focus attention on our unique part of the province, the actual home of Kermode.