Decisions, decisions…

👤Joanne Campbell 🕔May 30, 2013

Ah, the shampoo aisle. Some days I can be found here, pacing the row, trying to read the small print without my glasses, contemplating my options. Do I want my hair smooth, shiny, fluffy, or curly? Clarified or volumized? Infused with coconut, argon, keratin or silk? Do I want shampoo that’s sulphate-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic? Stock boys dolly around me as I stand twiddling my hair, wondering why we have to have so many choices.

If I’m going to spend precious time deciding, it should for a product that will give me a good return on that time spent. Where do I find the shampoo that will mow my lawn and sort the kids’ laundry? Since that shampoo apparently doesn’t exist and I get overwhelmed choosing between those that do, I sometimes simply tuck my hair behind my ears, and give up and go home, defeated. It makes me want to wash my hair of the whole mega-choice business.

Sometimes life is like the shampoo aisle, especially life in the summer in this part of BC. Our choices for summer fun, if we dwell on them too long, can leave us twiddling our hair, paralyzed and wondering which is the best use of our precious summer time.

Should we bike? Mountain or touring? Hike? Ridges or valleys? Barbecue? Charcoal or gas? Or maybe a picnic is more our style? Should we kayak or canoe—in the river, lake, or ocean? Or boat—sail, motor or ferry?

Fortunately, we live in proximity to such a wealth of recreational options that it’s barely a stretch to say: Do it all! As long as the sun shines and the time and pocketbook allow, there are so many options to choose from that there are no wrong answers.

In this issue, we offer a few options for your perusal:

Matt J Simmons’ roundup of northern music festivals is back so you can plan your magical, mystical, musical camping tour. You’ll probably find yourself aligned with a group (or groups) of like-minded festivalophiles whom you’ll come to recognize from venue to venue. Beware: campfire parties may ensue!

If mystical quiet and nature camping is more your style, check out Al Lehmann’s piece on the Zen-like peace of Campania Island on the north-central coast. Reading Al’s piece, I’m struck by how exotic it sounds and how I want to be there now.

And if you just want to dive right into the dirt, and start processing the fruits and vegetables from your garden, you’ll really dig Norma Kerby’s article on dehydrating fruits and vegetables. I have tasted Norma’s dried apples, tomatoes and zucchini chips and I tell you, they are intensely delicious nibbles of summer, ripe for snacking at any time of the year (as long as they last, that is!). I’m so glad she’s sharing her tips with you here!

In addition to the options in this issue, you’ll find a good selection of summer-fun options at Just click on the Recreation menu drop-down, or research our archives under The Magazine drop-down > Past Issues. No one ever need be bored here!